The interactive Directory and Pathfinder Tool

All information now available with a simple touch...

Routes, new products, discounts, events...

itNerus is an application designed for interactive displays and kiosks, its goal is the dissemination of information and interactive orientation to a chosen location. 

User friendly and attractive, itNerus is the ideal tool to help users to orient themselves, learn and move in large shopping malls, airports, train stations, museums, hospitals, exhibitions, events and other structures. 

The graphical interface was developed with the aim of being simple, intuitive and usable by all.

Whether routes, news, events, promotions, or other...
itNerus improves the availability of your information and provides a range of exclusive services with ease and clarity.

  • Locating a point of interest (shops, emergency exit, elevators, first aid...);
  • List of shops or products offering a promotional discount;
  • Calendar of events planned in your site;
  • Projection of the route in 2D and in 3D through a virtual tour;
  • For each point of interest it presents a set of practical information (opening hours, sales offers, contacts, web link...);
  • Multi-language.


itNerus can be delivered with an "All-In" service or with the basic solution (including a connection to the cloud as well as a content editor).